Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mini Haul: Drugstore Makeup

One of my favourite places to look around is Shopper's Drug Mart which I assume is equivalent to Walgreens, Longs and Rite Aid in the States.

On my way to school today, I stopped by and picked up a few things~

I purchased Maybelline's Dream matte powder ($6.99), Rimmel's blush in santa rose ($3.99), Rimmel's Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner in black ($3.99) and their matte lipstick in pink blush ($3.99).

I was extremely happy because the total only came up to $21.42!

yay for sale!!!!

**Review coming soon**


  1. Hey hun!

    YAY! another canadian blogger. Thanks for following me :)

    x Kim

  2. Just like many other beauty enthusiasts, I LOVE the Maybelline dream matte powder!!! HOLY GRAIL stuff right there! Almost done my first compact and I never finish anything LOL!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog and thumbs up for a canadian blogger! i love SDM! i always go exploring through their beauty section :D

  4. Great haul. I love that maybelline powder. :D Thanks for following my blog, I had to follow back when I saw you have a doggie too! I have a shih-tzu named oreo. :D

  5. I love looking around in Shoppers too!