Saturday, September 18, 2010

Skin Care Review: The Body Shop's Seaweed Line

Skin Care Review: The Body Shop SEAWEED line

1) Clarifying Toner
2) Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15
3) Mattifying Day Cream
4) Clarifying Night Treatment

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I've been searching for the perfect skin care for years (i have oily T-zone & forehead and dry mouth area & cheeks) and I finally came across the Body Shop's Seaweed line last year. I absolutely LOVE this line and I can't help but to tell you how amazing these products are.

1) Clarifying Toner 200mL (6.76 US FL OZ)  $12

"Pore-minimizing toning liquid to remove impuritires and reduce excess oil"
I have used several toners in the past (Neutrogena, Clinique, Amore Pacific, etc.) but never satisfied because some felt like vodka on my skin while others just had 'pretty' scents. This seaweed toner however, is extremely mild yet my skin feels so refreshing after use. It does not sting like the 'vodka toners' and dries quick without the sticky feeling.

2) Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15 50 mL (1.69 US FL OZ) $18

" All-in-one oil-balance, moisturization and UVA/UVB protection"
Wearing sunscreen prior to sun exposure is extremely important but I just can't stand the greasy feeling when I put it on!!!! This lotion is SPF15 and although it is not the 'best' sunscreen, it makes me feel a little better than walking outside without any. The texture is fairly light and it absorbs into your skin super fast. As shown in the picture it comes in a tube for an easy use! This lotion loses a star for being about $2 more expensive than the other line's lotion and I wish it came in a bigger tube.

3) Mattifying Day Cream 50mL (1.7 OZ 49g) $16

"Shine-control moisturization with oil-balancing technology"
I purchased this recently because as the weather is getting colder, my skin is getting a little dry. This day cream has a water-like consistency and it actually feels like water on my skin. It is extremely moisturizing but watch out when you apply it on your skin as it is super runny! I wish it came in a tube rather than a jar for easier application.

4) Clarifying Night Treatment 30mL (1.0 US FL OZ) $20

"Skin-balancing serum with antioxidant algae complex"
I use this serum as my night lotion and I love how the texture is light and absorbant. It is a little pricier than the other products mentioned earlier because it IS serum and serums usually go a bit more expensive. The packaging is wonderful for pumping out the right amount!

All of the products mentioned have a mild scent and DO the job of controlling shine and mattifying it.
I highly recommend these products to those with combination/oily skin.

* The Body Shop in Canada are having a "Buy 3 Get 2 or Buy 2 Get 1" promotion so hurry up if you'replanning to purchase these products
* The prices are in Canadian dollars


  1. Wow what a coincidence! I've been contemplating to get the face wash and toner from this line, but never really came across any good reviews about them. Right now I'm using the toner from their Vitamin E line and it's okay... like you said, it's just "pretty scent", lol. I want something more refreshing and the one from this line might be the answer :D

    I can't use the mattifying lotions though, somehow moisturizers with the word "mattify" in it never worked on me.

  2. Very good review will be buying in the near future!